Melissa Damour​

Born in 1988, this French-Malaysian artist introduces us to dream-like worlds, rich in symbolism and detail. Teeming with little characters of astounding meticulousness and influences from animation and comics, her automatic drawings offer us a journey into the inner reaches of the subconscious, with delicately illustrated dreams and nightmares, whereas her bright travel watercolors explore faraway lands and peoples. Both take us on a voyage across worlds.

After obtaining a BA in Fine Art and Political Science from Boston College and an Art History Masters from Sotheby’s of Art London, Melissa returned to Paris, France, and joined the artistic and cultural think tank, Néfe in 2013. Melissa collaborated with Néfe for several exhibitions in Paris, while working at Art Ludique-Le Musée as executive assistant and project manager. Melissa has now settled in Lyon, France and continues to create artworks for Néfe and herself.



  • 111 DES ARTS, Hôtel de ville, Lyon - December 2018

  • GÉNIES DE LA RUE, Espace Christiane Peugeot, Paris –  September 2016

  • MARSES#2 Amazones contemporaines, L’Atelier Gustave, Paris – March 2016

  • Festival NIO FAR, Théâtre de l’Etoile du Nord, Paris – February 2016

  • NÉFE x FAVELA CHIC, Favela Chic, Paris – October 2015

  • MARSES, Centre d’Animation Mathis, Paris – March 2014

  • CITY ART, Paris – November 2013

  • START, L11 Gallery, Paris – October 2013

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