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Following in the footsteps of a travel-friendly family and curious about other cultures, I have always loved stories, such as fairy tales, myths, and epics from all civilizations. I use photography and watercolor to record my travels, common tools for travel diaries, to illustrate my own stories and imagine new ones.

I like making portraits of strangers and exploring what goes on beneath surface. Picking a face when I myself am a stranger in a strange land is like collecting and pinning butterflies, while seeking what connects us. I wonder whether we share the same instincts, fears or desires. I wonder whether stories are all related by a collective subconscious. I wonder about the human mind and the spirit behind art, so that I can forge links between my mind, my story, the stories I want to tell and the stories of others.


Here, you will find watercolors inspired from my travels and photos, a collection which I hope to expand as I continue globe-trotting, as well as automatic drawings that are expressions of my subconsciousness and results of meditations.

Click on the images to see more information about each individual artwork. If you are curious for more information, please feel free to share your questions with me.


Key sources of inspiration and influence: Japanese art, mangas, Carl Jung’s Red Book, Tim Burton’s drawings, surrealism, orientalism, travel diaries (Eugène Delacroix, David Roberts), the 2007 Guggenheim exhibition on Spanish painting, the Swedish spirit painter Hilma af Klint...     

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Maasai Guide

Watercolor 20x20cm Our guide at Oduvai camp, Tanzania © Melissa Damour 2018